Better Bean Chili, Three Sisters, Mild Heat

Beans, corn, squash & ancho. Welcome to our world of Rethought beans. Profoundly delicious, freshly packed, and ready to eat. Gently sauteed using the finest natural ingredients. Bursting with wholesome nutrition. Join us as we elevate the bean to its rightful place in our celebration of life. These aren't just beans. They're Rethought beans. Visit for bean-honoring recipes in your quest for a healthy, mouth-watering food nirvana. Our Three Sisters chili is named for three companion plants of native American agriculture - beans, corn & squash. Tomatillo and ancho are added for rich flavor. Delicious as a quick meal or side. Add to wraps or pastas, or pour over a baked potato. Simply heat and serve. Vegan & gluten free. All natural ingredients. Non-GMO. Ready to eat. Non GMO project verified. Made in Oregon.