Stubb's Wicked Habanero Pepper Wing Sauce, 12 oz

Stubb’s always put his own particular touch on everything he made, from his original BBQ sauces to the work he did at the grill. So naturally, this Stubb’s Wicked Wing Sauce is no laughing matter. Made with real habanero peppers, this stuff turns up the heat at any barbecue. Whether you use a BBQ grill, deep fryer or bake them in the oven, this seriously spicy wing sauce is sure to please anyone who enjoys things on the hotter side. Simply toss fully-cooked wings in a bowl and enjoy. It’s also okay to baste a little on wings while they’re on the barbecue grill. And if you’re feeling wild, you can try it in other foods that need a little extra kick. Whatever you do, don’t forget the napkins.