Bookbinder's Bread Crumbs Lemon Flavored

Bookbinder's® Lemon Flavored Bread Crumbs. Restaurant style. The old original. Established 1865. For seafood, poultry, pork & more. No MSG. Seasoned with lemon. A masterful blend of breadcrumbs, real lemon flavor, cornmeal and spices that can help transform fresh seafood, poultry, or pork into a five-star restaurant-style meal! Bookbinder Breadcrumbs can be used on all fish or meats used for frying or baking. Dredge fish or meat in egg and milk mixture and roll in crumbs, then fry, broil or bake usual. Also, great sprinkled on top of casseroles or scalloped potatoes. 215-322-1305.