Baycliff Company Sushi Chef Tuxedo Sesame Seed

Baycliff Company Sushi Chef® Tuxedo Sesame Seed. Sushi Chef® white and black sesame seeds are used in premium restaurants throughout the world. They have been carefully selected, blended and packaged by us for discriminating chefs. When roasted they add a distinctive sesame flavor and colorful accent to many dishes such as rice, vegetables, salads, poultry and seafood. Sushi Chef® white and black sesame seeds should be toasted just before use. Put seeds in a heavy, ungreased pan and warm over medium heat. Toast for about a minute, shaking the pan occasionally. For best results, seeds should be used within a day or two of toasting. Nutritional information: This product has no significant nutritional value per 1/4 tsp. serving. Please visit us at for additional product information and recipes.