Pasta Chips Baked Fresh Pasta Snack Garlic Olive Oil

Pasta Chips™ Baked Fresh Pasta Snack Garlic Olive Oil. Vintage Italia. Authentic Italian. Only 120 Calories per serving. Non GMO project. Verified. Inspired by an authentic Italian snack from the hills of Tuscany, pasta chips are a healthy take on a classic recipe. Made with durum wheat semolina flour-the main ingredient found in premium pastas-and Italian herbs, each chip is carefully cut to create the perfect edge and then baked until golden. Crafted with fine seasonings based on regional Italian favorites, you can add a little taste of Italy to any of your favorite dips and cheeses, or enjoy simply from the bag. For a truly authentic experience, serve topped with basil and mozzarella or with marinara for dipping. We hope you enjoy pasta chips and the journey that brought it to life. Buon appetito! Jerry Bello, Founder. Lemon & herb dip. Fresh lemon and Greek yogurt paired with chives, oregano and basil. Make the perfect dip for our garlic olive oil pasta chips. Made from baked, fresh pasta. Crispy texture. 20% Less fat than pita chips. Vegan. *Per 1 oz serving - fat. This product - 4g. Leading pita chip - 5g. Inspired by Italy but made in the USA. Explore this and other serving suggestions at